Get Screened for Oral Cancer

Did you know that April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month? Oral cancer is a serious disease found in nearly 50,000 new people every year. Unfortunately, only just more than half of those people will be alive five years from now. Oral cancer is so deadly not because it is hard... Read more »

The Details of Dental Fluoride Treatment

Do you ever wonder why fluoride is so important? Well, our Dental Associates of Manchester team is more than happy to tell you! Each day, our smiles are threatened by the harmful dental conditions that attack and destroy our teeth, like acid, tooth decay, and gum disease. Fluoride is a... Read more »

The Digital X-Ray Revolution

Digital radiography, also known as digital x-rays, have dramatically improved how dentists image patients’ smiles and have revolutionized patient comfort and safety. What are digital x-rays and why are they such a big deal? Do digital x-rays impact your visit to the dentist? X-ray imaging, or radiography, utilizes x-ray waves... Read more »

How Can Flossing Help Your Pearly Whites?

Daily flossing of your pearly whites removes oral debris, food particles, bacteria, and plaque stuck in between the teeth. Taking the time to floss makes you less susceptible to gingivitis--gum disease that arises from hardened plaque. Plaque will irritate your gum tissue, causing gum sensitivity if it is not removed... Read more »

Whitening Strips to Conveniently Whiten Your Smile

Stains on your teeth from dark foods and drink, tobacco use or the natural process of aging can leave you wanting a brighter, whiter smile. The degree of staining on your teeth will determine which whitening products or procedures are called for to restore the white smile you’ve always wanted.... Read more »

Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are essentially third molars leftover from a time in human evolution when our ancient ancestors ate a lot of hard foods and roots. They develop inside the gums at the same time as your permanent teeth. While most people have four wisdom teeth, it’s not uncommon to have... Read more »

Dental Implants Are a Safe, Surgical Process that Improves Your Smile

Some people might think dental implants are a cosmetic solution when a tooth goes missing. However, that is not the case. If you have a missing tooth and you want to give yourself complete oral health, you need to place a dental implant in the spot of that missing tooth.... Read more »

3 Facts About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea causes your oxygen levels to drop, due to lack of air flow as you sleep. Many people believe that snoring is common, but not serious. In reality, snoring can be a sign of a very serious problem in your body that can lead to serious conditions. That is... Read more »

Pick the Right Toothpaste for Your Child

Did you know that you should start taking care of your child’s oral heath even before their first tooth comes in? That includes brushing their teeth. But with all of the toothpaste options available for your child, how do you make the best choice? While adult toothpastes can be made... Read more »

A Few Perks of a Dental Cleaning

Are you devoted to your smile and to your oral health? Do you work hard to keep your teeth healthy, and bright? Do you brush and floss every day? Did you know that even if you do all these things, but don’t visit your dentist for a routing cleaning once... Read more »