Dental Associates of Manchester uses 3D CAD/CAM scanning to create digital images of your mouth. This high-quality images help our team to understand your oral health and provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments to meet your needs. Give us a call at 563-927-4746 to learn more about 3D CAD/CAM scanning in Manchester, Iowa, and to schedule your appointment with our skilled dentists.

CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology is a highly versatile, and can be used in a variety of treatments, from simple scanning to creating restorations. At Dental Associates of Manchester, we used CAD/CAM technology to produce 3D images of your entire mouth.

These images display your teeth and supporting structures in great detail so that our dentists and team can understand your exact oral health needs and offer a treatment that will be tailored to our unique situation. Additionally, CAD/CAM scanning is quick and comfortable, eliminating the need for goopy, messy impression materials and molds and making your entire experience more convenient. Instead, CAD/CAM imaging technology takes a quick digital picture, which is then converted into a 3D model on a computer screen.

For more information about the benefits of 3D CAD/CAM scanning and to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentists and team, please contact our office today.