A Missing Molar Might Need to Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

The molars in the back of your mouth are large and are primarily called upon to do a lot of work chewing and grinding foods. If a molar is knocked out or extracted, the impairment to your mouth can be significant. If you’re missing a back molar, it cannot be... Read more »

A Healthy Lifestyle Equals a Healthy Smile

There are many things you can do to achieve a healthy smile, and one of those things is having a healthy lifestyle. If you have a healthy lifestyle, you have a higher chance of having a better oral health and better life. So, to help you accomplish this goal, our... Read more »

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Your Diet for a Healthy Smile

During this time of year, it’s more important than ever to keep your smile in healthy shape. With so many sugary treats and sweets, why not try to remember these five dental tips and tricks for a healthier smile and healthier life? These tips are: 1. Water is your best... Read more »

Brushing Tips that Can Improve Your Technique

Our Dental Associates of Manchester team cares about you, your smile, and your oral health, which is why we recommend having the best oral hygiene possible. To help you achieve that goal, we are happy to give you brushing tips that can improve your brushing technique. It’s best to brush... Read more »

A Knocked-Out Tooth Often Requires Some Special First Aid

Each one of your teeth is held in place by a series of strong periodontal ligaments. There are times when a hard blow to the face can impact with such force that it partially severs these ligaments and effectively knocks out a tooth. This is always a traumatic event. The... Read more »

Dealing with Loose Bridges

Your bridge was installed with the intention that it would restore your lost tooth for a long time to come. Complications from advanced gum disease can compromise the bridge’s stability and anchor points. It is also not unheard of for an accidental fall or blow to the face to affect... Read more »

The Consequences of Sharing a Toothbrush

Do you ever consider using someone else’s toothbrush? Do you think using a toothbrush isn’t a problem, especially if you’re only sharing with a significant other? Would you be surprised to learn that you should actually never share your toothbrush with anyone? As you’ve probably guessed, you also shouldn’t lend... Read more »

Remember to Stock Your First-Aid Kit with Oral Items

Oral emergencies, like an injury to your tongue or lip, getting something stuck in your teeth and gums, or damage to one or more of your teeth, can all have serious ramifications to your oral health. Even though it’s impossible to prevent an oral emergency from happening, your dentist, Dr.... Read more »

Repairing a Broken Tooth with a Crown

A fractured, cracked, or broken tooth can often be a serious cause for concern. Even if the damage is only limited to the enamel layer of the tooth it can still impede the proper function of your mouth and impair your ability to chew. If the broken tooth is visible... Read more »

Toothpaste vs Kid’s

Most people would agree that raising children can be complicated. For instance, tasks that should be simple may be more complex than you would normally expect. Even mundane tasks like brushing your little one’s teeth can, at times, seem nearly impossible—or at least not worth the effort. However, as you... Read more »