Your General Health Depends Partially on Your Smile

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We urge you to consider the importance of your oral health and its effect on your overall wellbeing. Stable dental health improves the appearance of your smile and helps many areas of your body function better. We have provided information on a few of the many ways your dental health affects your general health:

– Self-image: A beautiful smile is largely considered an important asset in boosting self-confidence and improving the quality of your life by helping you achieve greater success in the work force and dating scene.

– Digestion and energy: Your teeth are responsible for grinding up your meals to provide your body with nourishment. The saliva produced in your mouth also helps in breaking down nutrients to stabilize your digestion and avoid uncomfortable stomach issues such as bloating, stomach pain, constipation, and gas. When you properly chew your food, this action can help you lose weight, maintain your weight, and absorb nutrients for greater energy.

– Clear speech: Well-aligned and stable teeth helps you to communicate well with your family members, friends, and anyone you run into during the day. Your healthy teeth are responsible for these important interactions!

You can show your smile the appreciation it deserves by brushing and flossing your teeth every day, drinking enough water to remain hydrated, and chewing sugarless gum. If you have not already, scheduling your end-of-year dental checkup with Dr. Timothy Collier, Dr. Goettsch, Dr. Strecklein, or Dr. Oetkin, is another important step in keeping your smile in good health. Contact Dental Associates of Manchester at 563-927-4746 today to learn more about your dental health from our dentist in Manchester, Iowa!