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Oral hygiene is very important, which is why your dentist, Dr. Timothy Collier and associates strongly recommend keeping up with oral hygiene regularly. This means you need to brush twice a day, floss and rinse daily, and attend your checkups every six months. To help you understand why oral hygiene is important, our dental team is happy to list the reasons why. Those reasons are:

-Oral hygiene keeps gum disease at bay. Gum disease is a serious dental issue that is caused by plaque buildup on the teeth and gums. Oral hygiene can help you prevent this disease by removing the plaque throughout the day.

-Oral hygiene helps you prevent cavities. Tooth decay is also a serious dental issue that is caused by cavity-promoting plaque and bacteria in the mouth. If those substances aren’t removed by your oral hygiene routine, they can attack the teeth, wear down the outer shell, and form small holes in the surfaces.

-Oral hygiene can help you keep your natural teeth as you get older. This is because it keeps your smile in tip-top shape. The stronger and healthier your teeth and gums are, the better chance you have of keeping your natural teeth.

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