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How often do you find yourself struggling with bad breath? As you may know from personal experience, having bad breath can be very embarrassing and unpleasant. The cause of bad breath is most often bacteria resulting from residual food particles in your oral cavity. While the best solution may be to have a dental professional remove this bacteria, there are a few home remedies for bad breath you can try to temporarily relieve bad breath.

While your first thought may be to pop a breath mint in your mouth, it may not be the most effective solution since many breath mints contain a high amount of sugar that feeds on bacteria and further contributes to bad breath. You may want to choose sugar-free gum over a breath mint.

While the gum itself can’t eliminate bad bacteria, its strong flavor can mask your bad breath for a short while. You can also try munching on crisp vegetables and fruits to stimulate the flow of saliva, which helps to flush food particles from your smile.

Dairy products like cheese and unsweetened yogurt can neutralize the acids in your mouth that contribute to bad breath, though these foods won’t remove bacteria itself. You may also find that simply drinking more water washes away harmful acid and flushes the food particles from your smile.

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