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Wisdom teeth are third molars that aren’t necessary today. Not only are they not necessary, but they can also cause many issues. If you experience these issues, it’s best to extract the teeth as soon as possible before your oral health becomes affected. Some wisdom tooth problems that make extraction necessary include:

-A crowded mouth: Oftentimes the mouth doesn’t have room for the wisdom teeth because the mouth is already trying to find room for your 32 permanent teeth. If you don’t have a jaw that is big enough to fit your permanent and wisdom teeth, tooth extraction is necessary to prevent problems.

-Pain in the gums: If you suffer discomfort in the oral tissues near the wisdom teeth, you might have an infection. This can happen when the wisdom teeth have partially erupted and bacteria get trapped under the gums and around the teeth. At this point, extraction is necessary to prevent further infection.

-The wisdom teeth growing into place crookedly: This can make your other teeth shift and move over time, which can cause a misaligned smile and can promote dental issues. The crooked wisdom teeth can also harm the teeth in the area. Pulling the wisdom teeth can protect the other teeth and save the smile.

Our dental team will be happy to meet with you, examine your mouth, and tell you the best course of action for your smile. We work closely with local oral surgeons and specialists to make sure you have the best care possible.

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