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Have you always wanted that smile makeover, but you feel it is too late because you have already suffered an extensive oral accident or injury? If you’re not aware, modern dentistry allows for even the worst of smiles to potentially be restored to look like the best of smiles if you’re willing to take the time to receive the necessary repairs and restorations.

Even if you routinely care for your smile on a daily basis, dental damage does happen from time to time and needs to be corrected. However, one oral health risk that can lead to several other problems within your mouth is due to tooth loss. Several issues will need to be corrected to ensure further damage does not occur. Although we often think of missing teeth as no longer capable of hurting our smiles, the truth is it can lead to a downturn in oral hygiene, lead to tooth slippage and even cause your smile to age, which is because your dental profile can sink in and your jawbone can weaken if you have any missing teeth. However, with a replacement such as a dental bridge, you can help reverse these issues.

Dental bridges can not only improve the look of your smile, but they can also drastically improve its function as well. As is the case with most issues associated with missing teeth, dental bridges can restore the functions that may have been lost, which concludes with issues associated with chewing and eating food as well as speech patterns. In some situations, people have noted a downturn in their bite stability due to redistributed bite forces across their smile. With missing teeth, this can lead to several oral health risks and potentially cause teeth to move around or be damaged. Dental crowns can be customized to fit nicely in the missing gaps and correct bite stability issues.

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