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Is your jaw strong enough for dental implants? Although dental implants are important for improving your oral health and filling out your smile, they require a strong jaw to hold them in place. Fear not if your jaw is weak, as there are other alternatives including dental bridges and dentures that can be used to complete your smile.

Dental implants focus on strength and effectiveness. They are so tough and held so well in your mouth that no food restrictions will be necessary. This even includes tough and chewy foods such as steak. In addition, a dental implant will hold tight for up to a lifetime of heavy wear.

Dental implants are designed to attach directly to your jawbone. Over time, a process called osseointegration will increase the hold between the bone and implant, making it tougher and more durable. In addition, depending on your oral health care needs, your implants can be customized and crafted to suit the smile you need. This effect can help improve the look of your smile which can benefit your self-esteem.

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