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Severe tooth decay and significant dental trauma can sometimes affect a tooth to such a degree that it can’t viably be treated by a root canal. In a case this severe, the dental specialists at Dental Associates of Manchester might advocate a treatment plan that calls for a total dental extraction. This is even more likely if a large dental abscess is present.

Once the surrounding gums have been sutured, you will likely be provided with a prescription for anti-inflammatory or pain medication. If there are any concerns of infection, a course of antibiotics might also be included.

Once your gums are healed, you might be tempted to forgo having the tooth replaced. However, this could prove to be a significant error in judgement. Even if you learn to live with the limited oral function caused by the missing tooth, the structural void could lead to gradually worsening problems with the alignment of the surrounding teeth.

If this has not yet started to happen, Drs. Collier, Goettsch, Stecklein, and Oetken can install a dental bridge over the void to help prevent orthodontic complications.

This is essentially a replacement tooth that has been completely fused to dental crowns on each end. Our dentists will also need to create a pair of abutments from the neighboring teeth to create anchor points capable of anchoring the dental bridge in your mouth.

Your dental bridge will need to be created. When it’s ready, our dentists will cement it onto the two anchoring abutments.

If you are in Manchester, Iowa, and you have a severely compromised or missing tooth, you should call 563-927-4746 to explore the restoration options available at Dental Associates of Manchester.